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Conditions of use

Room 14 Bouldering is owned and managed by Nathan Campbell and Mike Simpson and has been established to operate as a bouldering facility in Dunedin. The facility is situated at Room 14 on the ground floor of the King Edward Court Building, 261-291 Stuart Street, Dunedin.

This wall is exclusively for use by Room 14 Bouldering members who agree to abide by all the rules and conditions set out by the owners and who pay the membership fee. However, casual evenings for non-members are offered on a limited basis, and members may bring a maximum of two non-members with them provided they follow the rules (below).

A set of the Room 14 Bouldering rules and safety procedures is posted inside the facility. These must be adhered to at all times.

While using Room 14 Bouldering climbers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful toward the facility and other climbers.

The Room 14 Bouldering facility is only to be used for indoor bouldering.

Security and Safety
Room 14 Bouldering is operated by keypad entry that may have its combination changed from time to time. The new combination will be circulated to current members via email or telephone contact. It is critical for the on going use of the wall that members do not share the keypad combination with non-members.

The security of your personal belongings is your responsibility while climbing.

Most important: Climbers must never climb above or under another and so risk one climber falling on another. Always use a spotter when there is a chance of a climber falling and not being able to land in a controlled manner on their feet.

Warm up: Climbers should adequately warm up by stretching and climbing at a low intensity (usually traversing) low on the wall. This usually would take 10-20 minutes.

Falling and Spotting: Be aware that although there are high-quality, impact softening crash mats in place, it is possible to be seriously injured if a falling climber does not land on their feet in a controlled manner. Spotters need to be used when there is a chance of such a fall occurring.

Ensure climbers are well spotted near the edges of the wall where there is a risk of falling beyond the edge of the mats. Move the red mat into these areas, under or near the climber to minimise the impact of such a fall.

Spotting another climber: Your objective is to help a falling climber land on their feet in a controlled manner. It is not possible to catch and lower a climber to the floor.
- Anticipate where the climber will fall if their hands or feet slipped and take up your position in this area.
- Maintain a stance braced against the potential impact of the climber falling.
                - Have your arms and hands up near the climber, anticipating their fall.
- As they fall use your hands to make contact with their back just below the shoulder blades, or if they are high on the wall, on the edge of their hips, and guide their progress to the ground, arresting any rotation or movement that would stop them landing feet first.
- Use more than one spotter if there is potential for the climber to fall in more than one direction.

Seats: Don’t allow people to sit on the mats where there is a chance a climber could fall on them. While sitting on the mats climbers often have their backs turned to the climbing wall so cannot see when to move to avoid being landed on.

Loose holds: Be aware of holds that have become loose. A hold that is loose may spin unexpectedly increasing the chances of a climber falling in such a ways as to not be able to land in a controlled manner on their feet. Use the chalk provided to mark the hold as being loose so that it is no longer to be used. Make a note in the comments section of log book (by the door) to inform us of the loose hold.

In the event of a fire, exit the building through the building’s main entrance or alternatively through the emergency exit on building’s the north east corner (end of the main corridor). A fire extinguisher is located across the corridor from the Room 14 door.


Room 14 Bouldering Rules

The rules of the Room 14 Bouldering wall are for the safety of users and are to be adhered to at all times. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in the immediate cancellation of membership without refund and on future application to rejoin being rejected.

  1. Room 14 Bouldering is exclusively for the use of bouldering by members. However, members can bring a maximum of two non members (“guests”) to the facility on condition that during the period of use the member:
    • remains in the room with them
    • takes responsibility for their safety (ensuring your guests follow the safety conditions- above)
    • takes responsibility for ensuring that non-members adhere to the rules of the Room 14 Bouldering facility and pays the casual rate of $8 per session at the honesty box
  2. The keypad combination used to gain access to the room must not be shared.
  3. All climbers must fill in the log book at the start of each session.
  4. Use of Room 14 Bouldering is only permitted between the hours of 7am and 10pm. Upon leaving climbers must ensure that all lights are turned off and the room door is closed and locked.
  5. Climbing with bare feet is not permitted as this is unhygienic. Use climbing shoes or street shoes.
  6. Room 14 Bouldering is unsupervised and therefore climbers must at all times take responsibility for their own safety and for not endangering others.
  7. For safety, it is recommend that a spotter be used when your hips are above the red line painted on the bouldering wall. Spotting requires careful attention and technique. Climbers must follow the instructions for correct technique that were given when they joined as members (and described above).
  8. In the event of an injury that requires medical treatment, climbers must advise the owners as soon as possible. Contact Mike or Nathan (contact info below).
  9. Climbers must not climb above or below another user on the wall or within the space another user is likely to fall into. Check before commencing a climb.
  10. All personal belongings not being worn are to be placed in the shelving spaces provided and not to be left on the bouldering mat or in the way of the door.
  11. Smoking or the use of an open flame or object that could start a fire is forbidden.
  12. Food or drink is not to be taken onto or above the bouldering mats. Consumption of alcohol is not permitted.
  13.  Animals are not permitted within the building.

The owners of Room 14 Bouldering have taken all reasonable steps to operate a safe bouldering facility, however because bouldering is inherently dangerous the risk of injury can never be eliminated. Therefore you are responsible for your own safety while using the facility.

Contacts:             Mike Simpson: 027 6883257;  Nathan Campbell: 027 4986758


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